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The Iceberg Express, by David Cory

Here is a child's (aimed at 6 to 8 year olds) novel with a fanciful trip under the sea. What happens when a little girl stumbles upon a magic comb in the surf? Well, she's off for a trip on the Iceberg Express!!! Fortunately she meets up with a princess and is taken to the Coral Palace where she meets King Seaphus. The King, however, is not an iron-handed monarch and even has to deal with contentious litigation (of dubious strength) against the crown.

Unfortunately, not a lot is known of David Cory. He wrote many series for children, most of which were colorfully illustrated. His books are all fanciful and show children generally happy times. While mildly harrowing, this just adds excitement to the tale and is never scary even for very young children.

Brett Fishburne

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