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Michael Hart

UPI Interview

Greg Newby

Dr. Greg Newby is the CEO of the Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation, which oversees financial and organizational aspects of Project Gutenberg. Greg's volunteer role of CEO follows increasing responsibilities for Project Gutenberg since 1991, when he first met Michael Hart in Urbana, Illinois. He also oversees several of the behind-the-scenes activities, including the electronic mailing lists and copyright permissions.

David Widger

"Dr. David Widger retired many years ago after forty years of medical practice and teaching; he now spends his days at scanner, desk and keyboard working for Project Gutenberg producing eBooks of his own and posting those of others."

Col Choat--Web Master, Project Gutenberg of Australia.

Col became interested in creating PGofOz when he realised that there wasn't a lot of Australian content at PG. At the same time he saw an opportunity to make available to Australians and readers in other "plus fifty" countries works which are in the public domain in Australia, but may not be public domain in the US. Col has a background in computing and accounting and has always been an avid reader.

Sue Asscher loves Charles Darwin and the naturalists and explorers and makes etexts for Project Gutenberg and:

The writings of Charles Darwin on the web by John van Wyhe, Ph.D.

Jean-Henri Fabre, his life, his work by Annie and Patrick Oudet