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The second stop on our A to Z journey finds us wandering around the jungle that is Y. Authors for Y include Yan Zhitui with seven volumes of Yan Shi Jia Xun written in Chinese. A great many volumes by W. B. Yeats. Other authors to mention include C. H. Yarrow, with An Introduction to the mortuary customs of the North American Indians; Charles Duke and Charlotte Mary Yonge who between them have 50 books in the Project Gutenberg library. We also have Filson Young's eight volumes about Christopher Columbus' discoveries.

In the world of book titles we have many volumes written with children in mind. Young Canada's Nursery Rhymes; Young Folks' History Of England; Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene, to name but three. Particularly appealing to myself are three volumes about the countryside just outside my front door: Yorkshire and Yorkshire Coast & Moorland Scenes by Gordon Home, and Yorkshire Dialect Poems (1673-1915) and traditional poems by F. W. Moorman.

Also, under Y we have another example of the diversification of Project Gutenberg—Yiddish. So far we are limited to one audio file: I. J. Hochman's Yiddisher Orchester, Mazel Tov; so here we include a note from Keren Vergon—"I have several things I'd like to put through. My guess is that within the next year I'll have 10-15 books in Yiddish and as many or more in Hebrew put through DP. At least that's my goal. I'd love to link up with other PG or DPers who have an interest in Yiddish and/or Hebrew. There's lots of great stuff out there waiting for PG; but to go ahead and proof them is a little difficult if we don't have folks to PP them. It would be great to gather a team together so that we would know we have a few proofers and PPers ready to go when DP goes live with UTF8." (See Thierry's post above for more details.) If you want to contact Keren about helping with this project, please email: tvergon AT tampabay .rr .com

And finally, Y is for YOU, the volunteer without whom this project wouldn't be what it is.