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Distributed Proofreaders Update for 22 October 2003

In the column for 1st of the month, I closed with the words: 'Enjoy October!' If I could change just one thing about that column, it would be minor spelling alteration. What I should have said was, 'Enjoy Rocktober!'

Yes...that would about sum up the energy and forward motion of this month. The force and momentum of which was already gaining acceleration by mid September has increased with every passing week. This abundant success is not limited to the most prominent activity at DP--proofing pages--the prosperity shines forth in every sector of development and production. The pages proofed are the most obvious indication of activity, and as such their numbers are nothing short of astounding. No month is DP's history has seen such sustained levels of proofing output.

As of this writing on Wednesday afternoon, the monthly objective of 130,200 pages has been surpassed by 1,500 already. By the end of today, the impressive proofing of January 2003 will have also been outdone, leaving only November 2002 in the path of October becoming the most productive month since DP was created. This too, will soon change. It would seem certain now that sometime this weekend the 'Great November of 2002,' which transformed DP forever, will be set into a new perspective by the dynamic prosperity of this new era. If you like great celebrations, then make your way over to the site this weekend.

If you should be occupied for the next few days, don't worry that you will miss outcompletely. The celebrations are already beginning today with the early passage ofthe monthly goal, and the are set to continue right through to the end of the month. Actually...the real party will only begin in the final hours of the month as DP holds it's Grand Halloween Ball. Preparations are well underway, with several revellers already in full costume. Content providers have been crawling through dark cellars and dusty attics to locate spooky ghost tales and tomes of lore to proof all through the 31st...and the Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Gutenstein is already cooking up weird and wondrous trials of fortune for all of us. An interesting end indeed is promised to this magical, ever-surprising month.

October was also 'Post Processing Month.' The goal was to see 300 books out of Post Processing and into the Verification stage. As of yesterday, 245 have been completed. That's 5 more books then were ever posted to PG in a single month. Can we see 350 by November. It looks likely to be even higher.

It all seems so very appropriate to the month in which Project Gutenberg reached it's 10,000th edition. With a magnificent salute to past accomplishments, the crew of DP looks forward to a grand and expansive future. It's a new frontier after the 10K landmark, and with a great shout we are running forward into it with arms wide.

Next week, we will review this historic month, and outline in detail the most promising developments of the months ahead.

For now...

Thierry Alberto

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