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Distributed Proofreaders Update for 20 August 2003

August is traditionally a time of the year when the 'Net quiets down somewhat and people enjoy off-line activities. Nobody seems to have told this to the folks over at Distributed Proofreaders. In fact, things seem to be gaining more momentum this month around DP. Attendance is steady, yet the number of pages proofed continues to follow the upward trend of previous months. It already looks like the August goal of 128,000+ will be well met and surpassed.

Behind the scenes, the tireless DP developers are finishing the next major upgrade to the site. Joseph Gruber has been working on (among a dozen other things) a new statistics page for proofers which provides a variety of information to measure accomplishments. More about this in upcoming issues.

The real buzz this week is about the Project Release Queue. These are book projects which are in line with tickets, waiting to begin the proofreading process. At this stage each book or text has been fully prepared for proofreaders. There are presently over 1250 projects in the Q'. To underscore the significance of this figure, two months ago there were less than 250 projects prepared and waiting. All we need are willing proofreaders to sail well beyond the 10K marker. The books are there, ready and waiting.

Finally, it would be an injustice to close out the week's review without acknowledging the milestone of DP's ace proofer Prishan, who completed his 50,000th page this week.

That's quite a stack of books!

Next week we'll take a closer peek into the Release Queue and get a glimpse at the future shelves of Project Gutenberg.

For now...

Thierry Alberto

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