Volunteering for Project Gutenberg Europe

This page tells you about the ways in which you can help Project Gutenberg Europe produce more eBooks. All of Project Gutenberg Europe eBooks have been produced by volunteers who are people just like you.

You can help in many ways:

See the appropriate section below.

Helping Proofread a Book

You can help proofreading new eBooks by joining the Distributed Proofreaders Europe or Distributed Proofreaders team. You will proofread one page at a time, as many as you like, as often as you like. Use the DP forums to communicate with your fellow proofreaders.

Procure Eligible Paper Books

The first step into producing a new eBook is to get hold of a paper book whose copyright is expired. If the book was printed before 1923, its copyright is most probably expired. See our Copyright HOWTO for details.

Burn CDs and DVDs for People Without Internet Access

You can help spreading eBooks by burning and posting CDs and DVDs. See the CD Project Page.

Donate Money

Project Gutenberg Europe is in need of money. See the Donate page for ways to donate us some money.

Promote Project Gutenberg Europe on You Web Page

Promote PG by putting an image or banner on your web page.