Project Gutenberg HOWTOs

"HOWTOs" are documents that describe How To do something. Please also refer to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list and other content on this Web site.

Title Purpose Updated
CD and DVD HOWTO Getting a copy of the Project Gutenberg CD or DVD August 2, 2004
Copyright Confirmation HOWTO Getting clearance for an existing eBook February 23, 2004
Copyright HOWTO Complete U.S. copyright rules March 16, 2004
Copyright Rule 6 HOWTO Getting clearance under copyright rule 6 March 16, 2004
File Sharing HOWTO Distributing the collection via P2P March 31, 2004
Greek HOWTO All about Greek characters for eBooks June 25, 2004
Header HOWTO Canonical Project Gutenberg eBook header Feruary 23, 2004
License HOWTO The license and header for eBooks February 23, 2004
Mailing List HOWTO Subscribing & unsubscribing September 3, 2003
Mirroring HOWTO Becoming a download site March 16, 2004
Music HOWTO Music Subproject March 21, 2004
PDA and eBook Reader HOWTO Converting to proprietary eBook formats August 26, 2004
Submitting: Public domain Submitting a public domain eBook March 16, 2004
Submitting: Contemporary Submitting your own book September 12, 2004