The Project Gutenberg FAQ - V-71

V.71. I hold the copyright on a book. Do I have to release the book into the public domain for Project Gutenberg to publish it?

Absolutely not! For example, many contributors of copyrighted material want to share it with the world, but do not want it commercially republished by other companies.

You can grant Project Gutenberg perpetual, non-exclusive, world-wide rights to distribute your book on a royalty-free basis by sending a letter to Michael Hart. Your letter may be brief, but must be signed, and must include the name of the book and the assertion that you are the copyright holder or the agent for the copyright holder.

If you want some related information, like a link to your website, included in the text, we will be happy to oblige.

Once we have posted a text, many people will copy it. We have no effective mechanism for "recalling" texts that we have posted, so please be sure, before you commit to this, that you intend to follow through with it, because there is no way to change your mind later. Here is a sample letter, including the address to send it to:

  To:  Michael S. Hart
       Founder, Project Gutenberg
       405 West Elm Street 
       Urbana IL, 61801-3231, USA

  Dear Project Gutenberg:

  I am the sole copyright holder for the book, "Wallaby Happiness." It
  gives me pleasure to grant Project Gutenberg perpetual, worldwide,
  non-exclusive rights to distribute this book in electronic form
  through Project Gutenberg Web sites, CDs or other current and future
  formats. No royalties are due for these rights.


  Gregory B. Newby