The Project Gutenberg FAQ - V-46

V.46. Where and how can I send my text for posting?

As of late 2002, we have a new automated upload procedure using a web page. This has a lot of good things going for it, because we keep a record of what's uploaded, you get an e-mailed copy of the notification, you don't have to fiddle with FTP, and we can make up the header automatically from the information you enter, which saves time and prevents keying errors. Please use this method unless for some reason you really aren't able to.

As always, it's better to ZIP your file first, because it'll take less time to transfer.

Just go to <>, fill in the form, specify the file to upload, and hit "Send" at the bottom.

And you're done!


If, for some reason, you can't use this page, there are two backup options: you can e-mail it, or you can upload it by FTP. Whichever you use, it is always best to ZIP the file first if you can.

If you are comfortable with sending files by FTP, this is better than e-mail. First, you will need a username and password, which you can get by e-mailing any of the Posting Team.

Log in to using the username and password supplied. Change to binary mode with the "bin" command and "put" your file.

 Summary instructions:
 login: yourlogin
 password: yourpassword
 put yourfile.ext

Here is a sample session:

 Connected to
 220-Access from unknown@ logged.
 220 FTP Server
 User ( xxxxxxxx
 331 Password required for xxxxxxxx.
 Password: xxxxxxxx
 230 User xxxxxxxx logged in.
 ftp> bin
 200 Type set to I.
 ftp> put MYFILE.ZIP
 200 PORT command successful.
 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for MYFILE.ZIP.
 226 Transfer complete.
 ftp: 172313 bytes sent in 17.34Seconds 9.94Kbytes/sec.
 ftp> quit

When you have uploaded your file, e-mail a note to any or all of the Posting Team, including your
1. filename
2. credits line as you want it on your text
3. clearance line you received [V.37]

An ideal note might be:

    Subject: Upload for posting: Hamlet

    I have uploaded to
        Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

    File is:

    Credits line is:
    Produced by John Doe <>

    Clearance was given as:
    200408310203shakespeare Hamlet    William Shakespeare   John Doe 05/03/04 ok

If you'd rather send it by e-mail, send the e-mail, including the Credits Line and Clearance Line as in the sample above, to any or all of the Posting Team, with your text as an attachment. Again, ZIPped is better, since it avoids certain damage that can happen to a plain text e-mail along the way.

Do not add the Project Gutenberg header or footer to your file, unless we specifically asked you to. If you do add it, we'll just have to strip it off again, since we add headers automatically when posting. There are times, perhaps when you're working in an unusual non-editable format, when we may give you a header and ask you to add it, but this is rare.

Please read section "4: Posting" of the FAQ "How does a text get produced?" [V.16] for more detail about what happens in posting. Especially, if you want to draw some peculiarities of this text to the Posting Team's attention, or want feedback on any minor edits done during posting, you should say so in the e-mail you send.

Don't assume that we know anything when you send the e-mail. We don't know what you want us to put on the Credits Line. We don't know that this is an unusual text, and needs some kind of special reformatting. We don't know that the text should be split into two volumes before posting. We don't know that you would really like us to check it closely before posting. You have to tell us, exactly and precisely, what you want on the Credits Line. If the text needs some specific work, you have to tell us exactly what that is. And please do that in your e-mail, not in the text itself. Remember that we could be dealing with five or ten other texts at the same time, and even if the poster you discussed it with two weeks ago is the same one who posts the book, he may not remember.