The Project Gutenberg FAQ - V-100

V.100. Should I keep Tables of Contents?

Yes, but just keep the contents themselves, and not the page numbers for each chapter or section, except where you have kept the page numbers in the whole text. When you have removed the page numbers from the book, it doesn't make much sense to leave them in the TOC.

Here, for example, is a typical TOC. In the original text, each chapter had a page number beside it:



   1  When the Duchess was Dead
   2  Lady Mary Palliser
   3  Francis Oliphant Tregear
   4  It is Impossible
   5  Major Tifto
   6  Conservative Convictions
   8  He is a Gentleman
   9  'In Media Res'
  10  Why not like Romeo if I Feel like Romeo?
  11  Cruel
  12  At Richmond

Note that I have indented the lines here, to give a sign to automatic converters that these lines should not be wrapped into one paragraph.