The Project Gutenberg FAQ - R-20

R.20. I've got a ZIP file. What do I do with it?

Unzip it.

If you want a free program, you could try the open source Info-Zip software available at <> for Mac, MS-DOS, Unix, Windows and just about everything else you might have.

If you want a commercial program, PKZIP from <> and WinZip from <> are among many popular shareware utilities that allow you to unzip files.

Mac-users using Stuffit Expander may like to set a preference (File / Preferences / Cross Platform) to "Convert text files to Macintosh format . . . When a file is known to contain text". This gets rid of strange characters (linefeeds), which are not wanted on a Mac, at the beginnings of lines. MacZip is another free program for Macs. Mac users can also try ZipIt or other shareware programs available from the Info-Mac archives, e.g. from <>.