The Project Gutenberg FAQ - R-2

R.2. Can I get a complete list of Project Gutenberg eBooks?

Yes. GUTINDEX.ALL is the raw list of files posted. You will find it at: <>

When we post a book, the posting information contains title and author, eBook number, base filename and schedule year and month. For books after 10,000, it just contains title, author and eBook number, since that is all we need to find books after 10,000. This raw information goes into GUTINDEX.ALL.

After posting, the text is automatically cataloged, with limited information. Later, our catalogers get to work and add more information --things like full title, subtitle, author birth and death dates, Library of Congress Classification, full filenames and sizes. When a book has been cataloged, it is entered onto the website database so that you can search for it.

People who want to bypass the search on the website and find books themselves may want to use GUTINDEX.ALL, since it doesn't wait for the cataloging. GUTINDEX.ALL is updated weekly, usually on Fridays.