The CD and DVD Project

Project Gutenber Europe does not generate CD and DVD images currently. The following information is on how to obtain images generated by Project Gutenberg US.

Project Gutenberg periodically generates CD and DVD image files (ISO files). When downloaded, they can be used to make a CD or DVD using a CD or DVD writer. Please copy and give away these CDs and DVDs! Keep one for yourself, and give one to a friend...or a library...or a school.

These CD and DVD compilations are copyrighted and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 license. Individual files should be consulted for individual licenses, including the Project Gutenberg Trademark License ("small print"). Verbatim copies of the Project Gutenberg 'Best Of' CD may be sold provided that 20% of the gross profits are donated to Project Gutenberg.

These CD and DVD images (and the CDs and DVDs they can be used to create) should run on all computer systems. Many files on the DVD are compressed using Zip; most modern computers (and many older ones as well) have an unzip program built-in, or you can find a free unzip program on the Internet for your computer.

We will send you a free CD or DVD

We would prefer you download the CD or DVD image, as described below. But if you are unable and would like a copy, Project Gutenberg volunteers will send you a copy in the mail free of charge (you can make a donation to offset our costs: visit

Please note that even if you are on a 56K connection, it is still possible to download the CD image. See below for details.

When possible, we will send you TWO copies, so you can give one away. You could also use a CD or DVD burner to copy the disc we send.

To request a free CD or DVD, please use either our United States or International request form. Alternatively, you can make a request by following the instructions below

We'll respond to let you know we got your message, and will send a CD or DVD as soon as we can. Since the CDs and DVDs are produced by volunteers (using their home computers), we cannot guarantee fast delivery. Discs are sent via USPS or other inexpensive method. Generally, the discs are hand-labeled and will arrive in a simple wrapper. We do not have a program in place to send discs to other people on your behalf.

How to download

The ISO format is a single large file. CD/DVD burning software can write the file to a CD or DVD, which can then be read in any computer with a CD or DVD reader. You need a drive that can write and a blank disc to write the ISO images. These files are large, so they may take some time when downloading via a modem or other slow connection.

At 56K, the zipped version of the CD ISO will take about 24 hours to download, and the DVD will require about 11 days. If this is simply not feasible for you, then see above for instructions on how to receive a free copy in the mail.

Additional Methods

When possible, we recommend downloading the CD and DVD via BitTorrent. BitTorrent will insure that you receive an error-free copy of the ISO files. The torrent files for the CD and DVD are available at To download BitTorrent and for more information about the program, visit The Official BitTorrent Home Page.

For the DVD, you can get the files via Jigdo (see for information about Jigdo). Use a command such as: jigdo

For the DVD on the eDonkey/eMule peer to peer file sharing network, try this URL for the ISO image: ed2k://|file|The.Project.Gutenberg.DVD.December.2003.Edition.pgdvd.iso|4139646976|02CEB6E1E07A0CDC98757134B0678B14|/

For the CD on the eDonkey/eMule peer to peer file sharing network, try this URL for the ISO image: ed2k://|file||387828452|0485242D72E3B440D7D9FD61F0ED44DD|/

Here are some direct download links, in case the mirrors are problematic. We are aware that some FTP and HTTP servers refuse to provide such large files, and a few (including the main iBiblio site for redirect ISO file types to the wrong server.
or "rsync -rlHtSv ."
(location: Alaska.  Fast network connection)
(Location: San Francisco.  Fast but saturated network connection)

The DVD file size is 4139646976.
MD5 sum is 59d8a193874349181122ff52e2e3e114

*** The CD: The August 2003 "Best of Gutenberg" CD contains over 600 eBooks.

The CD image is available as .ISO and .zip (the .zip contains the
ISO).  See,
but use
for ISO files.

PG2003-08.ISO  MD5 sum: e448aaec6010fa03373d0f74dde5f36e size 711589888 bytes  MD5 sum: 2bf96ee51d593169ee5b08202b41179d size 387828452 bytes

International Copyright

PGLAF is committed to complying with copyright laws. PGLAF has not verified that all the eBook files on these discs meet the copyright laws in countries outside of the United States. PGLAF recommends that you verify this before using these files and requests that you advise us of any problems at