Audio eBooks Read by Computers

This page lists audio eBook titles that were generated by computer voices. These voices are similar to those on automated systems used by the blind, as well as some telephone automation systems. In the future, we hope to allow automatic on-demand generation of audio eBooks. These files can be very large, so are not well suited for people using a modem or other low-speed connection. Some of these are abridged, but most are the complete text as taken from the corresponding Project Gutenberg eBook text. We also have human-read audio eBooks.

Project Gutenberg is working with LiteralSystems to make new human-read audio performances available.

Most of these titles were generated by Mike Eschman, but a few were made by other people. Over time, the procedures used to generate the audio eBooks changed, so not all audio eBooks have the same sound or pacing by the computer voice. The author/title lines are as they appeared in our GUTINDEX.ALL file, so are not uniform. Click any title to get the corresponding bibliographic record page for download.

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